Tiny sleeping cabin hotel puts a new slant on its rooms

Are you old enough to remember when some motels had lots of individual cabins, instead of an anonymous concrete building? An Austrian design company called Studio WG3 wants to revive that approach, with this tiny sleeping cube called the Hypercubus.

The cube is designed to be easy to move, so groups of them can be installed on a temporary basis for special events. Sure beats living in a tent.

Inside the Hypercubus you get a sleeping loft, a glass walled shower cubicle and toilet and not much else. Unlike a self catering cabin there's no kitchen, so you'll be relying on local restaurants or delivery just like with any regular hotel room. More importantly I don't see a TV, but I'm sure there would be some way to fit one in.

The Hypercubus is designed to be bolted to an existing foundation along one edge, then the steps are used to prop the other end up at an angle. Why they want it do do this other than looking cool isn't really clear.

Looks like just the thing to bring a little civilization to your next visit to SXSW or Burning Man.

WG3, via Inhabitat

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