Here's a working, full-size go-kart built entirely from Lego

People like to build huge models of stuff using Lego, but most of the time they don't actually work. That wasn't acceptable for Dutch Lego fan Eric Steenstra, who has been perfecting a go-kart that's actually big and strong enough to carry around his tween son.

What's really amazing about Steentra's go-kart is that apart from the kid, this thing is absolutely 100% pure Lego. There are no metal supports, glue, or anything else holding the kart together, just snapped together plastic bricks.

Propulsion comes from a whopping 48 Mindstorms motors, which probably means that the Steenstra family AA battery budget is as high as their utility bills. The kart minus the kid weighs about 135 pounds, which also puts it in a similar range to real racing go-karts.

The two things that are clearly lacking at this point are speed and a steering mechanism. Steenstra says that the kart is still a work in progress, and that he's working on the steering, No word on whether he plans to make it any faster.

Check out the gallery to see how Steentra put it together, and the video to see it in action.

Gallery, via Make

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