Theme park's ass-based Wi-Fi believed to be a first

Wi-Fi enabled asses you say? This is the type of news that doesn't phase us anymore. It's perfectly sensible that visitors to the Kfar Kedem (Village of Yore) theme park in Israel need Wi-Fi, so park owners attached routers to the back of five of the park's donkeys, offering a different take on the idea of "mobile Wi-Fi."

There's no mystery here. The unspoken objective in creating an ass-based Wi-Fi system at the park is to keep info junkies who can't put down their phones from going nuts while having to walk around an ancient theme park. Fair enough.

The owners of the park have a slightly different spin on it. The Times of Israel spoke to park owner Menachem Goldberg about it — his goal was to enable visitors to upload photos and tweet about their park activities in real time. And it doesn't get much more "real" than on the back of a donkey.

If there's no mystery as to the need and desire for Wi-Fi, there's plenty of irony to it. The Village of Yore theme park depicts a Talmudic village showing life from the first century. Locals dress the part, work in period buildings and give rides on the donkeys. Phones? Not so much.

Why the owners are letting their asses do the metaphorical talking — pulling double duty as a pack animals and technology hubs instead of just placing Wi-Fi routers in hidden spots around the park is a bit of a mystery.

It could be that in the hilly area around Galilee, the best chance to get a signal is from a roaming router. If that's the case and the program is successful, the park is hoping to expand routers to their other asses.

The Times of Israel, via DigitalTrends

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