Teens listen to more music on YouTube than anywhere else

Remember the excitement of waiting for a new album to come out? Driving out to the record store or even just going to your favorite pirating website and getting this brand new hour or so of music. Well, those days are dead, since most kids listen to music on YouTube.

Note: We're not even talking downloading the music illegally. We're talking going to YouTube, finding a song and listening to it while watching transcribed lyrics or blurry photos of the artist float across the page.

Of 3,000 young people polled by Nielsen, about two-thirds cited YouTube as their medium for listening to songs. Sixty-four percent of kids said they use YouTube while 56 percent cited the radio. Fifty-three percent cited iTunes and 50 percent claimed they listen to CDs.

The obvious takeaway, especially considering the odd technology gap between the highest (YouTube) and the second highest (radio) is that kids like free music. And they're also fond of either the law or exerting little effort, since only 17 percent use file-sharing to find their music.

The biggest question now is whether or not artists will try to use YouTube's popularity or if copyright battles will continue raging.

Via The Guardian

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