Survive an earthquake by hiding under this folding door

People have different ideas of what you should do if you're inside a building when an earthquake strikes. While most tell you to stand in a doorway where the building will be stronger, others say you should get under a sturdy table to protect your noggin from falling stuff.

This door lets you do both at the same time. in addition to being in a doorway (duh!), it has a folding mechanism that puts most of the door over your head for protection. The folded top section is supported by sliding pins attached to the frame, and the door stops at an angle so debris will slide off the top. Once the shaking stops, the door frame has built in compartments with an emergency supply of water, a flashlight and a first aid kit.

Designer Younghwa Lee from Kingston University in London created the door with earthquake prone cities like Istanbul in mind, where most buildings are not constructed well enough to withstand one.

At least if doesn't look as dorky as running around with a bag on your head.

Gizmag, via TreeHugger

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