3D printer in a suitcase lets you replicate anything, anywhere

From churning out great works of art to replicating your own guns, the era of 3D printing is upon us. Now a couple of hardware designers have made the process even easier by creating a portable version of the technology.

The PopFab is essentially a 3D printer in a suitcase. Created by MIT's Ilan Moyer and Nadya Peek, the device also serves as a vinyl cutter and programmable drawing tool. The project apparently got it start a few years ago when Moyer endeavored to create what he called a Personal Fabricator. That mechanism evolved into the slick, carry-anywhere 3D printer you see today.

The team has yet to announce any commercial availability for their creation, so in the meantime you can see the PopFab in action in the video below.

via PSFK

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