Whoops: Fully assembled iPhone 5 revealed in spy shots

In about two weeks, Apple is expected to reveal the long due iPhone 5. The only problem is that most of have already seen it photos of leaked parts and reverse engineered 3D renders created by artists. This batch of leaked photos practically seals the deal on what Apple CEO Tim Cook is going to announce.

Having somehow gotten its mitts on parts for the next iPhone, Nowhereelse.fr proceeded to assembling them together to give the world a closer look at what changes to expect.

In Nowherelse.fr's comparison shots, we can clearly see that the next iPhone will be thinner, but slightly taller to accommodate a larger 4-inch display (up from 3.5-inch). The FaceTime camera is now on top of the ear receiver and the headphone jack has been repositioned to the bottom next to the larger speakers.

Smack on the center of the rear will be a metal plate to provide structural rigidity and a smaller dock port will replace the ancient 30-pin one.

If photos just won't do, MacRumors has a commissioned video of how the new iPhone's larger 16:9 widescreen might work.

Rumors suggest the iPhone will sport either an A5X or A6 processor paired with 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE connectivity, but will not include NFC. It's unclear if the camera will get any kind of spec bump, but we would assume faster shooting is on the list of improvements. And finally, iOS 6 will be onboard as well.

The next iPhone announcement is rumored to go down on September 12 and launch on September 21.

Via Nowhereelse.fr

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