Sony's Personal 3D Viewer now 20% lighter, comfier on the head

Cool as Sony's Personal 3D viewer is, its major flaw is that it's really heavy. Sony listened, and this year's HMZ-T2 Personal 3D Viewer is 20 percent lighter, which makes watching that virtual 150-inch display even more enjoyable.

If there's one thing Sony knows how to do, it's taking an existing product and streamlining it to be thinner and lighter while still keeping its identity.

In my hands-on with the Personal 3D viewer at CES earlier this year, I was enamored by the quality of the virtual 150-inch display that the head-mounted display could project from its pair of 0.7-inch OLED screens, but disappointed by how heavy the unit was and how cumbersome all of the adjustment straps were.

To cut down on the weight, Sony's dumped the ear cups and replaced them with earbuds that should still provide a virtual 5.1 surround sound experience. Or if you don't like the ones provided, you can plug your own headphones and earbuds into the head mounted display.

Another issue that I had with the original Personal 3D Viewer was that it didn't do enough to block out exterior light sources. Sony says it's remedied the problem with "detachable light shields" that can be used to block outside light from shining in.

Lastly, the updated Personal 3D Viewer finally gets a dual output switcher. What that means is "other people can watch TV or films while the wearer plays games (or the other way around)."

Of course, the Sony Personal 3D Viewer will be irrelevant once the Oculus Rift comes out. That pair of goggles will be cheaper and have head-tracking — two things Sony's doesn't have.

Sony's mum on pricing and release details, but if the first Personal 3D Viewer's $800 asking price is any indication, the new one will be pricey, too.

Via Engadget

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