Sony to launch 80-inch 4K TV by the end of the year

If your 1080p TV is starting to feel kind of old, then Sony feels your pain. A confidential source talking to Boy Genius Report has revealed that the venerable TV manufacturer has plans to introduce a huge sexy 80-inch LED TV with 4K resolution, just in time for the holidays.

Details are kind of sketchy, but BGR reports that the LED display will be the new flagship of Sony's top XBR range, and will come with a price tag of around $30,000. That's a whole lot more affordable than other much smaller 4K displays we've seen, so this one may actually get some traction. Remember, when the first Pioneer plasmas came out in 1997, they were $35K and didn't even display full HD.

Of course all of this will seem kind of lame if Sharp's 8K TV gets to market at a less-than-crazy price.

BGR, via Born Rich

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