Sony demos 3D augmented reality with creepy Japanese schoolgirl

One of the nagging deficiencies of the emerging field of augmented reality is the feeling that you're dealing with highly interactive, but nevertheless unrealistic, 2D characters. Sony is hoping to remedy this reality gap with a new twist called "LiveAction AR," which — you guessed it — stars a Japanese schoolgirl.

In a demonstration of LiveAction AR that is meant to be cute but comes off more like a scene from The Ring, an augmented reality woman steps out of a wall poster and interacts with the viewer. The twist comes when the viewer moves around the character and her eyes follow the viewer. The three-dimensional character, along with the eye effect, makes the augmented reality experience far more realistic.

The system also allows the viewer to take a photo with the character for a kind of static souvenir of the experience actually makes it look like you met the character in real life. This latest release is a new development of Sony's SmartAR technology. You can see Sony's LiveAction AR system in action in the video below.

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