Seven-foot-long Lego Firefly even has detailed interiors

There seems to be no end to the monstrous Lego starships that can be built. Whereas most Lego creations only look smashing on the outside, Drake's 70,000 piece Serenity starship from the TV series Firefly has sweet decked out interiors that even the poshest Minifig wouldn't protest.

Adrian "brickfrenzy" Drake's Serenity rightfully deserves to be called a titan. With a frame that's seven-feet long and a weight of 135 pounds, the Serenity easily bests out Benny Brickster's six-foot-long Halo Covenant Assault Carrier.

According to Drake, there's a command center bridge, dining room and cargo bay that lights up, engines that rotate, wings that flip out and a small shuttle detachable shuttle.

How much of a social life do you need to give up to create something like this? Only a measly 475 hours over 21 months; a small price to pay for a brick masterpiece this incredible.

Feel free to check out the best of Drake's Lego glamour shots in our gallery, but to see even more detailed photos, you'll need to check out his Flickr. It's truly a beauty to behold.

Flickr, via Geekologie

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