Segway and iPad get together, have a telepresence robot baby

What if instead of waiting ten years for a telepresence device so weird it'll scare your pet to death, you could simply mix an iPad with a Segway and start traveling virtually right now? Stop wondering, because that's exactly what a robot called Double promises.

Powered by a battery that offers eight hours of power, the Double allows you to remotely move around any location as you control it with an app on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or desktop browser from the other side of the planet. The stand that holds the iPad in place can be raised up to five feet, effectively giving users the ability to hold eye-level conversations with the people actually at the site you're teleconferencing into. We can now dispense with all the other, jerry-rigged futurist contraptions because this simple solution means the "real" era of telepresence has officially begun.

Although it's currently sold out, new orders for 2013 are currently being accepted at a cost of $1,999 each. In the meantime, you can see the Double in action in the video below.

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