Scientists capture high quality footage of neuron

Neurons are, obviously, pretty important to, you know, brain functioning. They're also neurons (aka pretty small), so we've never had the pleasure of actually watching the transportation of individual proteins throughout a cell's structure. Obviously, this is something you're all extremely concerned with, so rejoice. Now, we can.

Molecular biologists at USC have captured high-quality video footage of a neuron, as individual proteins are transported throughout the cell's structure. Since this is incredibly complex, and in my second paragraph I nearly verbatim repeated a phrase from the first, here's what study co-author Don Arnold has to say about it.

"Your brain is being disassembled and reassembled every day," Arnold said in a statement. "One week from today, your brain will be made up of completely different proteins than it is today. This video shows the process. We've known that it was happening, but now we can watch it happen."
And you can too. Take a look below.

Via io9

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