Republican Convention to use behavior recognition software for security

The Republican National Convention will do more than showcase politicians. It will showcase "behavior recognition" surveillance cameras, which the Tampa Police will use to search for potential threats.

Created by BRS Labs, the technology is called AISIGHT and uses artificial intelligence in tandem with video surveillance.

Speaking to Charlotte, North Carolina's WSOC-TV, John Frazzini, owner of BRS Labs, said: "Very similar to what a police officer would do when walking the beat, our software is walking the beat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, attempting to identify unusual or suspicious behavioral activity that give indications of potential threats or security violations."

In other words, it profiles folks. Which brings up the argument about profiling in national security. Is it more or less problematic when it's done by machine? I presume the machines have to be specifically programmed to look for certain behaviors or characteristic. One way or another, it's definitely going to drum up some controversy.


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