RIP Nintendo Power (probably)

Some sad news: Ars Technica Senior Gaming Editor Kyle Orland reports that Nintendo Power is getting ready to shutter its pages forever. If Orland's source is correct — and a wealth of evidence suggests he is — Nintendo Power will start winding down toward a final issue after 24 years of asking everyone to join the gosh-dang Fun Club already.

According to Orland and his source, "Nintendo Power editors and staffers were told of the magazine's impending shuttering last week," and that it's "unclear exactly how many more issues of Nintendo Power are planned after the recently published August issue (its 281st), or how current subscribers will be compensated"

Nintendo Power used to be an official Nintendo product when it started in 1988, though the company started pushing the magazine out through a third party, Future Publishing, starting in 2007. Now, the magazine's another casualty claimed by the Internet.

I used to be a subscriber. As much as I loved Nintendo Power, once gaming-focused message boards and sites like GameFAQs fired up, there was really no reason to go to the magazine for its colorful guides, gorgeous as they were. As gaming's presence on the Web ramped up, Nintendo Power became less of a meaningful way to get tidbits about forthcoming Nintendo releases. This was inevitable, no doubt, but it's hard not to feel sentimental. I still thumb through the boxes I have of Nintendo Power issues from days past.

Want to relive the good ol' days? You can flip through the entirety of the first issue here.

Here's the latest update from Orland: "Nintendo Power writer Phil Theobald, meanwhile, promised on Twitter that they had 'something pretty sweet planned for the final issue.'"

Update: From Ray, here's this fun tidbit.

Ars Technica, via Joystiq

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