One giant leap: Hi-tech $315 shoes measure your vertical jump

If you ever wondered how your vertical leap to the basket measures up to LeBron's, Nike is about to give you a way to find out. While most sneakers are pretty low-tech, the upcoming LeBron X basketball shoes will be a geek's delight, incorporating Nike+ technology that measures several aspects of your performance.

We saw Nike+ as a concept earlier in the year, but the LeBron X will be the first shoes you can actually buy with the technology. That of course assumes you have $315, and are willing to risk a riot to get your hands on the limited edition shoes.

Nike+ uses built in sensors to measure everything from your steps, lunges and leaps, and sends the data to a smart phone app. Just the thing to help the coach see if you're slacking off during practice.

The shoes will be released in September for about $315, although initial shock at the reported price has prompted Nike to suggest that the price may actually be closer to $290. A lower cost version minus the fancy tech is expected to sell for around $180.

Wall Street Journal, via ESPN

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