Real-time Instagram feeds nurture your inner voyeur

Remember when webcams were the latest thing and we couldn't get enough of watching the bustle of Times Square? Or the first time we saw a Google Street View of Antarctica? We love virtually being there." Now, a new website updates and expands on the idea by showing live feeds of Instagram photos being uploaded in select cities.

Millions of photos are uploaded via mobile phones to Instagram every day, creating a rich treasure trove of snapshots of people living their daily lives. The developers at This Is Now use the Instagram API to display photo streams from New York, Tokyo, Sao Paolo, Sydney and London to feed our inner voyeurs.

Given the volume of photos being taken and uploaded it provides a constantly updated stream of life. With each photographer having a different style, subject, location, and intent you'll get the beautiful, interesting, mundane, technical, sad, happy, whatever-it-is-you-name-it, moments people choose to shoot and share.

It makes the fly on the wall concept we all love all the more interesting because it is human, emotional and changing at the pace of life. Though there are only five cities right now, all the world's a stage right so hopefully the locations will expand soon!

This Is Now, via TheVerge, LaughingSquid

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