Programmable T-shirt shows tweets and photos from your iPhone

Wearable technology for things like tracking your exercise progress or monitoring your location have led the way in the category, but a new project delves more into the personal expression side of things.

Developed by a group called CuteCircuit, the tshirtOS is system designed to allow you to program a thin digital display embedded on a t-shirt via your smartphone. The shirt can display live Twitter messages, as well as photos and videos transmitted from your iPhone. According to the project's Twitter page, the shirt is machine washable as long as you remove its battery.

The designers have offered little in the way of details behind the creation of the system or the price of one of the shirts, but if it's everything they are promising, this could become a popular new way to fashionably brand yourself. You can see the tshirtOS in action in the video below.

Via FashioningTech

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