Ridiculous prism glasses let you read, watch TV while lying down

Do you hate sitting up to read your books and watch TV? Thanks to these fabulous prism glasses, you can lie on your back and still enjoy your Charles Dickens, Angry Birds or Breaking Bad without ever having to get up off your bed or couch.

Like a periscope, these prism glasses "transform your view to a 90 degree downward angle" so you can comfortably "see" while lying down. While they're mainly designed for folks with limited mobility, that's not going to stop us sloths from grabbing a pair.

Whateverworks is selling them for $25 a pop, but just like real glasses, there are different designs from different companies that push that price up. Some prism glasses like the ones by AliMed cost over $100. Those can be slipped on over prescription glasses.

Because you're essentially staring at a reflected image of reality, we wouldn't recommend anybody use these for hours on end or you might get naseous. That said, they might make for some interesting prank hacks, if you know what we mean. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Whateverworks, via Likecool

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