Two iPhones work together on one turntable-like dock

Philips has just unleashed a combination speaker system and dual-deck docking station, complete with glowing lights and a pair of 5.25-inch subwoofers. The two "turntable" docks for iPhones or iPods lets the user mix, scratch and dominate their way to digital DJ stardom.

It's portable, but looks like you'll develop muscles.

The FWP32000D DJ-Dock houses your iPhone or iPod in the middle of the dual turntables and comes with speaker rings glow and pulse in time with the music in rave-a-licious red, blue or purple. The speakers in question come with 2-inch tweeters in addition to those 5.25-inch woofers.

That's nice as a starting point, but the DJ-Dock's ensures those who want to kick it up a notch can do so.

The rig includes a crossfader, treble/bass controls and a power boosting "MAX" Sound mode to squeeze the most your 300W amplification. For extra awesome sauce you can daisy chain a matching FWP1000 speaker kit for an additional 240W of amplification and more of those lights…

The DJ Dock has a USB port for a flash drive in lieu of an iPhone or iPod, as well as an aux-in port for non-Apple devices. You'll also get an input for a microphone, which is included.

The dock is compatible with the Algoriddim DJ App that can provide advanced DJ functionality.

This kit is currently available in the UK and isn't cheap, coming in around $470USD. Consider that the additional speaker kit, your phones/iPods and any DJ apps are extra and you're looking at quite an investment.

That's ok though, you want to feel the beat and be the beat. You want to be the Karate Kid of the DJ set. We hope you get there and break down the boundaries of the professional set with their fancy fixed turntables and laser light shows.

Or, at the very least with the portability or your new system combined with your good taste, and you'll be the hero of the next party or wherever you play your tunes. Just watch out for those noise complaints.

Via SlashGear, Gizmodo

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