Panasonic's 103-inch 4K 3D HDTV world's largest glasses-free

Berlin, Germany — Scattered around the show floor here at the IFA electronics show are any number of glasses-free 3D HDTVs — and all of them pretty much suck. Why? One of many reasons is the lack of resolution.

Panasonic has taken a step forward with this humongous 103-inch plasma, which it claims is the world's largest glasses-free 3D display (I've not seen a bigger one).

In front of the set where a number of outlined footprints instructing one where to stand for optimum 3D effect. And, when standing in the appropriate spot, you did get a reasonable 3D effect — not as in-your-face like with glasses, but still pretty multi-dimensional.

But, and this is the problem with all these attempts at glasses-free 3D, as soon as you step off-axis or off-angle, you get the same double image you'd see sans glasses on any 3D panel.

Since Panasonic's 103-incher is just a prototype — not like the barely 3D glasses-free set Toshiba is selling (I think only in Europe) — we'll chalk this up as an evolutionary set. Personally, I think we'll have glasses-less 3D when we have a paperless bathroom.

Posted on location at IFA 2012 in Berlin. All images by Stewart Wolpin for DVICE.

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