Painfully adorable toaster hub wins the USB peripheral war

Stupid, crazy USB peripherals just haven't been all that interesting since the USB Humping Dog hit the scene. That was the exact moment when USB junk just couldn't get more ridiculous. Well, Butta, Crisp, Tato and Ry Ry are here to say that the future of USB peripherals isn't about being ridiculous; it's about cute, clever design.

The USB Toaster Hub and Thumbdrives is the work of those monsters over at ThinkGeek. It's a four-port, SD card reading hub — which you can buy on its own and use with any ol' flash drive — and four adorable little USB sticks shaped like pieces of toast.

Here's your lineup:


One downside to all that adorable? The price. The hub is $27.99 by itself, and each toast-drive is $24.99. For the whole set that'd round out to around $130. That, and the drives are only 4GB each, which is a fraction of what you could find for around the same price. So no, not cheap, but how could you say no to a face like Butta's? C'maaan.

ThinkGeek, via Gizmodo

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