OneSec app: Just like Instagram, but for one second videos

The secret to Instagram's success is in the app's simplicity — it allows people to share snapshots of moments in quick bursts. Can Instagram's success be repeated, but with one-second videos? Nobody knows, but the OneSec app is sure going to try.

Designed by developers Vidar Andersen and Francis Dierick, OneSec aims to create an immediacy with video. They cite the long and sometimes difficult process of editing in a mobile device as a reason why people often decide to take photos instead of video.

OneSec hopes to make sharing video an easier and faster process. To do so, they're limiting recorded video clips to a single second each. Afterwards, you can combine as many one second clips you want into a montage video.

From the designers:

"We love photography AND we love video. But shooting and editing good videos can be hard. Especially on a mobile phone. Long videos are also less immediate than a still image. That's why we often end up shooting pictures instead of videos. But a static image can only contain so much information. Only so many emotions. Only so much of the ambience. And it has no sound. That's why we created OneSec! It combines the simplicity and immediacy of pictures with all the advantages of video."

Being based in Europe, the two have found it difficult to scare up some funding, and that's why they've turned to you, the crowd. OneSec is currently an Indiegogo project (think Kickstarter) with 16 days to reach its $12,358 (currently $773 raised).

Not convinced that one second videos would work? Take a look at their demo reel below. It's powerful stuff.

indiegogo, via Tapstream

(Thanks, Christoph!)

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