Interactive Old Spice vid lets you play music on bulging muscles

The humor and gimmickry of today's ads have become a large part of the Internet's viral video story. But one of the chief purveyors of these virals, Old Spice, just turned the volume up a notch with a hilarious new interactive video that lets you play music with muscles.

Old Spice Muscle Music allows you to actually play music with the muscles of Terry Crews, the future president of America in Idiocracy, member of The Expendables, and one of Old Spice's most popular pitch men. After you watch the one-minute video showing Crews playing the music set via sensors attached to his muscles, wait a few seconds and you'll see a blinking record button. Hit that record button and you can then use your keyboard to begin playing his muscles and even his mouth for a few of his trademark primal yells. Tip: Type the first letter of my name to get surprise sausages, for no reason whatsoever.

After you're done, Vimeo allows you to save the performance. And, if you don't start playing soon after hitting the record button, Crews will give you a little macho encouragement. You can get started on your muscle music training in the video below.

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