Olafur Elisasson creates solar lamp to sell to developing nations

Everyone's favorite Danish artist, Olafur Elisasson, is at it again. The artist, known for his New York City waterfalls, also has some awesome installments (check out this giant kaleidoscope). This time, he's making solar powered lamps that look like little suns.

The $10 lamps, fittingly named "Little Sun," weigh 120gm and Eliasson hopes to sell them in poorer countries that still use kerosene lamps. The good rub, says Elisasson, is that "over the course of the lamp's lifespan, its users can save 90 percent on what they would spend on kerosene for lighting."

Kerosene lamps also simply aren't that good for you. According to the International Energy Agency, about 20 percent of people on Earth use them and they can emit 100kg of carbon dioxide a year if burned for four hours. The solar powered one can shine for five hours after it gets five hours of sunlight, without emitting anything but light.

His target is 500,000 units for 2012, sold around Africa, Asia and India.

Via The Economic Times

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