Nowhere to hide: Glass house reveals all to your neighbors

Like Apple's iconic cube-shaped Fifth Avenue store, Santambrogio's cube house overdoses on the glass with style. That's not the only striking feature of this glass house: it's got glass stairs, glass furniture and lots of glassware inside. Better be careful!

Designed by Ennio Arosio and Italian firm Santambrogio, the house has 7mm thick glass panels that can be heated up to provide warmth for its inhabitants.

People prone to walking into glass doors will probably want to avoid the house as virtually everything is made from it.

According to the Daily Mail "At £4,000 per square metre, a typical three bedroom family home would cost about £400,000 to build."

One question that seems to be on everyone's mind: how do you poo without feeling like the entire world can peek in?

Santambrogio, via Fubiz and Daily Mail

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