Now on Kickstarter: Annihilating entire planets (lots of 'em)

In science fiction, there isn't a move much more epic than blowing up a dang planet (unless, of course, you destroy a star). Star Wars made a pretty big deal out of it, but in Planetary Annihilation, where robot armies wage an endless war across the cosmos, it promises to be commonplace.

Planetary Annihilation is a video game (pending a kickstart), as well as a description about what you'll be doing in said video game. It comes from Uber Entertainment, creators of the Monday Night Combat series, and a studio that boasts team members who worked on Total Annihilation. The latter game, affectionately known as TA for those of us who were fortunate enough to lose our childhoods to it, took strategy games to a place where war was big and epic and super explodey. Rather than a squad of robots, you had a swam of 'em, and battles were constantly spilling over into the air and sea as artillery pounded your troops from afar and nukes tested your defenses. If, in fact, this sounds like your cup of tea, you can still get a copy of Total Annihilation easy as pie.

Planetary Annihilation continues this tradition, and looks like it's well on its way to a $900,000 funding target. There are some stretch goals in place just in case Uber gets more than its asking for, including new planet types, as well as additional naval and orbital combatants.

Check out the video below and then see if that's not a game you'd like to play. (Spoiler: it totally is.)

Planetary Annihilation on Kickstarter, via Joystiq

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