Neo Geo X Gold puts retro arcade gaming in your pocket for $200

Have the lackluster lineups of compelling games for the 3DS and Vita left your portable gaming life in shambles? Hang tight: come this December, you can score yourself a Neo Geo X Gold portable with 20 classic games for an even $200.

We knew that Tommo Inc was bringing the Neo Geo back in portable form, but what we didn't know was that it would come with two awesome companions: a replica Neo Geo console-shaped charging dock that also outputs the portable to a TV via HDMI and A/V ports, and an arcade joystick.

Features on the portable include a 4.3-inch display, SD card slot, 3.5mm jack and a pair of front-facing stereo speakers.

The ridiculous $800 price tag that was originally announced is now a more reasonable $200 and the list of included games has changed ever so slightly to include more Fatal Fury:

  1. 3 Count Bout
  2. Art Of Fighting II
  3. Alpha Mission II
  4. Baseball Stars II
  5. Cyber Lip
  6. Fatal Fury
  7. Fatal Fury Special
  8. The King Of Fighters '95
  9. King Of The Monsters
  10. Last Resort
  11. League Bowling
  12. Magician Lord
  13. Metal Slug
  14. Mutation Nation
  15. Nam 1975
  16. Puzzled
  17. Real Bout - Fatal Fury Special
  18. Samurai Shodown II
  19. Super Sidekicks
  20. World Heroes Perfect

You can pick one up on December 6. We suspect only diehard Neo Geo fans will line up for this one given the bundled games. Even though there's a summer drought of must-have games right now, your money might be better put towards a Wii U, Ouya or the plethora of AAA games coming out later this year.

Via ArsTechnica

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