Need to charge 16 iPads at once? This suitcase will do the trick

The average person will look at the InSync Transport Case and think it's overload for being able to charge 16 iPads and a 13-inch MacBook at once, but hey, some rich billionaire or football team manager out there is looking at this rugged charging suitcase and drooling like a puppy.

What? You don't have a spare iPad or 15 fifteen? At 26 x 20 x 15-inches, the 39 pound InSync Transport Case won't qualify as a carry-on case for most airlines, but it will keep them all neatly slotted in together while they're getting recharged. Bonus: it can sync an iPad while in transport via USB, wirelessly sync to iCloud and has enough room to accommodate iPads with most heavy-duty type covers.

You also don't have to worry about any of your iPads getting tossed around violently. The case is made to be durable to withstand heavy impact and is weatherproof enough to keep the tablets dry.

Parasync, the company that makes the charging suitcase doesn't list a price, but we'd wager it's going to be expensive.

Parasync, via Cult of Mac

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