Mobile dock turns your smartphone into a mini-robot

Current programmable robots are either prohibitively expensive or require a high level of technical expertise. But what if you could take your iPhone, download an app, and instantly have a rudimentary robot? Well that day has arrived.

The Romo, which started as a Kickstarter project, is a programmable robotic dock for your smartphone that works with various apps to control the functions of the combination. From pre-programmed motion paths to the ability to control the device remotely, essentially creating a budget telepresence device, the Romo is an early look at what mainstream, app-controlled robots have to offer.

Available for just $149, the Romo works with the iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, Motorola Droid handsets, and Samsung Galaxy handsets. You can see the Romo in action in the video below.

Via Romotive

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