Mini R/C Mini Coopers to ferry javelins, discus in Olympics

There are a fair number of Olympic events that involve throwing dangerous objects as far away from you as possible over and over. In the past, it's been the job of some poor sap to go out there and retrieve said objects, but this year, London will be using little remote controlled Mini Coopers instead.


We should maybe not call these R/C cars "little:" each one is a quarter-scale replica of the real thing. They're strong too: with a payload capacity of 18 pounds, they can carry a hammer, a discus, a shot, or two javelins, loaded in through the sunroof. Each day, the cars will cover nearly four miles a piece ferrying equipment back and forth, swapping places every 35 minutes to recharge their batteries.


Secretly, we're hoping that this brilliant idea will lead to the introduction of remote controlled helpers in other Olympic sports: little dune buggies for beach volleyball retrieval. Quadrotors handing off water to marathon runners. Miniature humanoids that shoot lasers at badminton players who aren't trying hard enough. Just imagine the possibilities!

Via Autoblog and Daily Mail

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