Martian Bluetooth watch releases your inner Dick Tracy

With almost everyone carrying a cellphone these days, the good old wrist watch has become more of a fashion accessory than an essential piece of equipment. This watch aims to change that, by working along with your smartphone to make a wrist piece you can talk to.

The Martian watch connects to your Android or iPhone using Bluetooth, then acts as a remote client for your iPhone's Siri, or Martian's similar app for Android. You can see who's calling and answer directly through the watch, or it can read text messages to you using its text-to-voice feature. A tiny OLED screen can scroll basic information, while a tiny multicolored LED gives information about incoming texts and social media messages. Best of all, there's an electronic leash feature that warns you if you've left your phone behind. That's great if you have a habit of setting your phone down on a table in a restaurant.

The Martian watch is a Kickstarter project, and currently it's closing in on half of its $200,000 launch goal. The watch will be made in a variety of styles and colors, and you can snag one a little cheaper now if you buy into the Kickstarter. Connected watches are a hot item on Kickstarter right now, if the success of the Pebble or Cookoo watch is any indication.

Check out the video and gallery to see more of the Martian Watch.

Kickstarter, via Wired Gadget Lab

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