Mars fan creates detailed 360-degree panorama from Curiosity pics

Since Curiosity landed on Mars, the rover's been busy beaming back photos for us earthlings to salivate over. One fan took the high-res photos that Curiosity shot from its second day on Mars and stitched them into a 360-degree interactive panorama. This is probably the closest you'll ever get to visiting Mars — for now, anyway.

The panorama, available here, was created by Andrew Bodrov. Like Google Map's Street View, you can can drag the landscape in any direction and zoom in and out to get as close or far as you want.

Like NASA's 79-image mosaic, there's not much to see other than Mars' rocky surf. Or Curiosity itself, if you drag downwards.

Still, we should all relish in the fact that we have the technology to create such a high-resolution panorama in a week's time since Curiosity landed.

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360Cities, via LA Times

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