LED Etch-A-Sketch lets you draw and erase pure light

Like Lego bricks and little plastic army men, some childhood toys transcend current trends and remain classics. But one classic toy, the Etch-a-Sketch, just received a modern makeover with a decidedly tech-driven bent.

Created by electrical engineer Christopher Monaco, the LED Etch-a-Sketch is exactly what the name indicates: a remake of the old toy that replaces black and gray lines with 256 knob-controlled LED dots of light. Drawing anything elaborate seems unlikely, but for simple line illustrations the device works fine. Perhaps the coolest design point is that, like the original, you simply shake the device to erase your LED drawing.

Monaco offers instructions on how to create your own version of the device, but after a quick look they appear to be only suitable for the advanced tinkerer. You can see the LED Etch-a-Sketch in action in the video below.

via Make

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