Immersive 3D Ms. Pac-Man room is as cool as it sounds

One of the coolest and most addictive games to emerge from Japan in recent years, Katamari Damacy, toyed with our perceptions of space and time. Now the game's developer, Keita Takahashi, has brought that same unique perspective to a video game classic: Ms. Pac-Man.

Shown off last weekend at the BabyCastles Summit event at New York's Museum of Art & Design, 3D Ms. Pac-Man is an immersive experience that puts the game player inside a room in which the very walls become the video display. But instead of a simple image projected onto a wall, Takahashi's hack actually revamps the game's mechanics in relation to your real-world spatial perspective in a manner that gives you the sense that you're actually inside the game itself.

Although the execution here is somewhat barebones and less than HD quality, the possibilities for other games using this dynamic are exciting. You can see 3D Ms. Pac-Man in action in the video below.

Via Kotaku

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