Just the Gojo, the most important invention of all time

We spend a lot of time around here talking about all the cool gadgets that come out, but it's hard to highlight every single one. Sometimes, an innovation will get by without anyone noticing, but if it's innovative enough, you can bet it'll get the recognition it deserves. Or if it's bad enough.

Well, the GoJo Hands Free Cell Phone Headset is one such item. It comes with a good — nay, great commercial that you can view below, and the product itself is one of those things that leave you kicking yourself and feeling ashamed about your personal lack of creative juices.

As pitchman Joe Gray makes clear, earbuds are not hands free because you still have to hold your phone. But with this device, the phone is held to your ear. And don't worry about it falling off, because it can hold up a five-pound laptop! Thank heavens.

If you've never seen the video, watch it below. Again. And again. And again. Because, for whatever reason, it's one of the most watchable things I've ever seen.

Via ZDNet

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