iPhone app lets you create disposable phone numbers in seconds

For some, one of the most annoying things about setting up webmail services in recent years is the new demand from companies for your personal phone number. Now a new app for the iPhone is poised to turn the tables by offering disposable phone numbers.

Created by Ad Hoc Labs, Burner is an iPhone app that lets you create fully functioning phone numbers with limited life spans based on the amount of credits you pay through the app. The numbers automatically redirect calls your real phone number and can be used for everything from normal phone calls to text messages. The name, Burner, is an obvious reference to the practice of street criminals using prepaid phones (aka "burners") to avoid surveillance from the authorities.

So although Burner is certainly a great tool for those looking to bypass stringent web services hurdles or engage in temporary business transactions, the potential for abuse with this app is pretty high. Hopefully, we won't be reading about any horror stories linked to the usage of the app. It costs just $1.99 to get started and you can see how the app works in the video below.

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