Instacube is a feature-packed photo frame fueled by Instagram

Like so many gadgets, digital picture frames feel like they're not as good as they could be. They were cool (in theory), but ultimately hampered by low resolution displays, high price tags, and oh, tablets came out. Instacube is not another generic digi frame. It streams Instagram pics in real-time, has an actual "like" button and is too cute to resist.

There's no denying that Instagram is a photo-sharing juggernaut. Facebook's $1 billion buyout (initially, anyway) of the startup confirms its staying power and digital significance with millennials.

John Whaley, head of industrial design at D2M, realized how powerful an Instagram is, so he came with the Instacube, a wireless picture frame that streams Instagram photos at a 600x600 resolution to its 6.5-inch touchscreen display. It also runs on Android, has 256MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Sadly, there's no external storage slot in sight.

What makes the Instacube different from other digital photo frames is that it's social; it's not another fat square-shaped tablet that sits there sipping power. On the top are three buttons: a power button, a button to toggle between Instagram feeds and a heart-shaped button that lets you instantly "like" a 'gram. Want to show only pics for one specific hashtag? Instacube will let you do it. Want to surprise someone with live photos of what you're up to? Do it!

Wireless and portable (it also comes with a charging cable if you like having it tethered), the Instacube looks like a perfect companion to spice up any social event.

D2M expects the first batch of Instacubes to ship in March 2013 once its Kickstarter project is funded. As of this writing, the Instacube Kickstarter project has $189,388 of its $250,000 goal from 1,489 backers with 29 days to go. It's pretty safe to say, this is going to be another Kickstarter success story.

If you want to get yourself an Instacube, you'll have to cough up a pledge of $149 or more, as the early adopter special for $99 is sold out.

Via Kickstarter

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