Infographic breaks down the science of Star Trek

As a kid, I'd sit watching Star Trek and it would blow my tiny mind. From the phasers to the universal language translator I was fascinated by this imaginary future, not realizing I'd be living in a time when many of the things envisioned by Gene Roddenberry are close to coming true.

We came across a fun infographic that takes a look at some of the items imagined in the series and where science has come towards making them a reality. It proves every day scientists, researchers and dreamers are out there blending science and science fiction into our new reality.

Here at DVICE we pretty much can't wait to tell you all about the latest things that would have put a smile on Roddenberry's face — from the tricorder, cloaking technology, holodecks and more.

Let's go science and make it so!

(Click to enlarge.)


Via BitRebels

Infographic created by Best Computer Science Degrees.

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