Heat resistant face paint protects soldiers from bomb blasts

For a soldier in a firefight, one of the hardest things to protect without restricting vision or breathing is the face. Regular camouflage face paint, with its oil and wax base layers, actually makes things worse, so scientists have developed a new version that protects the skin from intense heat.

By replacing the carbon, oil and wax bases with silicone, the new paint can extend a safe high heat exposure time from just a couple of seconds to as many as 15 seconds. That's enough time for the soldier to turn away or take some other kind of evasive action.

Developed by researchers at the University of Southern Mississippi, there are additional plans to create a clear version for firefighters, and even versions with built-in mosquito repellant for the bug-prone areas of the world.

I just hope there's also going to be a civilian version for those of us who don't tan well. I wonder what its SPF would be?

Check out the video to see how it protects a metal sheet from a direct blowtorch blast.

New Scientist, via Daily Mail UK

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