Hadouken! Real live Street Fighter, with flamethrowers

Here is what appears to be the best reason thus far for moving to Canada: they've got Street Fighter up there. For real.

Super Street Fire is the Canadian live-action version of the classic Street Fighter video game that all true geeks have wasted countless hours playing in basements with our friends. The main difference between Super Street Fire and just going outside and trying to beat people up while yelling "SONIC BOOM" over and over is that the former involves pulling real Street Fighter moves to (SONIC BOOM) throw real fireballs at your (SONIC BOOM) opponent (SONIC BOOM).


Designed by a bunch of talented types at Toronto's Site3 coLaboratory hackerspace, Super Street Fire consists of a huge arena populated with computer controlled propane flamethrowers. Participants square off against each other with motion-sensing gloves, and by replicating real Street Fighter gestures (like SONIC BOOM), you can cause huge plumes of fire to fly off towards your opponent. After three rounds, winner takes all, loser gets all of his or her body hair singed off.

You'll be able to try out Super Street Fire this weekend if you live in some place called Toronto, but the big debut will be at this year's Burning Man at Black Rock desert in Nevada. Meanwhile, you can check out the promo vid, below.

Super Street Fire, via BBG

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