Gyro activated screwdriver dumps the trigger for twist control

Cordless screwdrivers are a handy thing to have around the house, but sometimes operating them can be trickier than it looks. Half the time it will start screwing out when you want in, and getting the right speed often requires a deft touch on the trigger. The Max Gyro from Black & Decker simplifies things, by replacing the trigger with a gyroscopic activator that works with a twist of your wrist.

Simply twist the entire screwdriver clockwise if you want to drive a screw in, and counterclockwise if you want to remove it. The amount of twist you use will determine the speed, while squeezing tightly on the grip will turn on an LED light to illuminate your work. That sounds a whole lot easier than trying to remember whether to put a little lever to the left or the right to get the direction you want, then trying to squeeze a trigger just enough to get the proper speed.

The Max Gyro is just a little four volt device, so you're not exactly going to be hanging sheetrock with this thing, but for little jobs around the house, it sounds ideal. While the battery may be small, it is a lithium ion type so the drill should hold its charge for 18 months or more.

The Max Gyro battery screwdriver will be available in November for about $40.

Check the video after the jump to see the Max Gyro in action.

Black & Decker, via Engadget

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