Guy builds gigantic mechanical skeeball machine out of K'Nex

If there's a toy greater than Lego that lets you bring your creations to life, it's K'Nex. DIY-er "Shadowman39" spent the last year building a full-size skeeball machine out of K'Nex parts. It's such an engineering feat that he's going to destroy it.

What's impressive about Shadowman39's skeeball machine isn't just the fact that the machine is full size, but that it is coin operated (it only accepts quarters and rejects all other coins), has a score counter and turns off automatically.

Over a year in the making, the 85-inch by 26-inch by 57-inch skeeball machine is also really difficult to play. According to Shadowman39, he's only managed to score the 1000 point hole twice and he hasn't seen anyone else do it, ever.

Official piece count is forthcoming, but we don't think that even matters. This thing is epic and it shows. See for yourself in the closeup shots below and the video guide. It's worth the four minutes.

Our only quibble is: where are the prizes and reams of tickets? How do you have a skeeball machine without prizes and a ticket dispenser?

Shadowman39 says that this is his last large-scale project for the next few years and that he's going to deconstruct the machine soon. Somebody buy it from him before it's too late!

Instructables, via Laughing Squid

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