Giant loop-de-loop bridge is just begging Sonic to run through it

Bridge design can be so bland when it's just about building it longer. Toss in some imagination and a plain bridge can become entertaining. Add in a giant loop-de-loop and visitors will flip out.

Designed for the Amsterdamn Iconic Pedestrian Bridge contest, Evgeni Leonov's aptly named "Loop" bridge would definitely be a sight to behold if it was ever built (it won't be).

Whereas most bridge proposals focus on horizontal design, Leonov's Loop emphasizes its vertical features: the loop-de-loop and a cafe-observation deck at the top.

Due to the vertical emphasis, the bridge can be seen from different points of view and could become the dominant symbol and this part of town. The main advantage of the project is an observation deck, located on the top of the loop. From the observation deck overlooks the Amstel River and the prospect of the bay.

As per the contest rules, the bridge would be one built for pedestrians and cyclists, not automobiles, so you won't have to worry about drunk daredevils trying to race through it. But how exactly do you cross the bridge without having to run insanely fast?

Two ways: 1) there is a passthrough to go directly across and 2) you can go up to the deck and then across.

Like we said, Sonic the Hedgehog would approve.

Evgeni, via Archiscene

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