Gallery: Where your used games and consoles go to be reborn

Buying games used can usually save you a boatload of money, if you're okay with the premise that it's not shrink wrapped in new plastic wrap. But how does a retailer like GameStop restore pre-owned and broken games to working playable conditions? Here's an inside look at a refurbishing facility.

According to IGN's Colin Campbell, only 80 percent of used games traded or sold back to GameStop are resold in store. The other 20 percent of crusty used games and hardware are carted off to a re-processing center in Texas to get cleaned, tested and ready to re-sold in GameStop shops.

It's a fantastic look into what happens to used games and well worth the read. For those who just want to know that their used games and hardware are being cared for with the most utmost attention, you can flip through the photos below. They really make you re-consider buying new next time.

IGN, via Kotaku

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