View like no other: Rooms photographed as if they had no floors

German photographer Michael H. Rohde's photo series "From Below" boggles the mind. Not with light painting or animated photos, but with perspective. Objects appear weightless and even the neatest interior design becomes chaotic when seen viewed from below.

We're honestly not quite sure how Rohde managed to photograph and stitch these rooms without stripping the floorboards out and using fancy Photoshopping skills, but we could probably deduce that a wide-angle lens was involved.

Whereas we live life usually looking directly at or down at the objects in our room, "From Below" stimulates our brain cells to look from below up. Think about it. This is the perspective a bug crawling on the floor or your adorable pet dog sees. Imagine if you came home from a tough day of work and this is what you see everyday. You'd need a lot of aspirin to relieve your pain.

Ignant, via Architizer

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