Forget the iPhone 5, buy a new original iPhone for only $10,000

Are you eagerly awaiting the next iPhone? Thinner, faster and with a bigger screen, the next iPhone is going to sell millions. But collectors won't be interested in that for long when there's a brand new and unopened first-gen iPhone going for $10,000. Screw 4G LTE, this one's got 2G!

Ebay seller "samsonbible" is calling his sealed in shrink-wrapped 8GB iPhone from 2007 a "vintage" item. While five years might not qualify for vintage status in practically everything else, in tech years, that's an eternity.

Here's some "vintage" specs to give you an idea of what Apple used to turned the mobile world upside down:

Quad-band GSM (no CDMA Verizon/Sprint model here!), 2.0-megapixels with no LED flash (perfect for those grainy Instagram pics), 8GB of internal storage (for storing no apps because the App Store didn't exist in 2007), a puny 1,400mAh battery, a 3.5-inch LCD display with an incredible 320 x 480 resolution and the original iPhone OS (before it was rebranded iOS).

Yeah, that was the phone that revolutionized the cellphone industry (and many others) five years ago. It might seem silly that the original iPhone didn't let you change your home screen wallpaper from the default black or that it didn't even fit most 3.5mm audio jacks because of the recessed port or that there was no App Store, but that well, that was 2007 man.

$10,000 seems a seems like a lot upfront, but just you wait, in another five years this thing could be worth even more, provided you don't open it and ruin its value.

, via Complex

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