Ford's Sync warns allergy sufferers about bad stuff in the air

If you suffer from severe reactions to airborne allergens, driving into unfamiliar territory can be pretty scary. You never know when you are going to react to a sudden increase in pollen, unless you can get a warning in advance.

There are apps like Allergy Alert that you can run on your smartphone, but that's not much use when you're driving and can't operate your phone. Now Ford has updated their Sync system with something called AppLink, that lets you run apps like Allergy Alert on your phone while controlling them with your voice.

Any warnings or other information will be displayed of the car's data screen, so you can see the allergy forecast for your area as you drive. It even tells you what kind of allergens to expect, so you can ignore it if it's something that doesn't affect you. Allergy Alert can also warn you about the current flu index, or even what the UV index is so you'll know how much sunscreen to slap on.

Sounds like all hypochondriacs will be getting new Fords soon.

Via Slashgear

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