Flexible, fluid-looking OLED lamp classes up any desk space

This versatile Motion Lamp is designed by Gergõ Kassai with a definite contemporary feel. His mission is to bring together the sometimes clashing ideas of cost effective, mass produced lighting, while still being stylish and variable enough to be appealing so that people actually want to buy it.

The Motion Lamp looks like it has hit the mark.

The base is made from a lightweight, rigid plastic. The rest of the light is an OLED lighting surface embedded into free-form silicon. Inside there are flexible wires that allows for bending and shaping.

The use of OLED technology means it's bright, but doesn't cast a lot of shadows, and better yet doesn't generate a ton of heat. This means it can create an "atmosphere" in your cube without taking up too much space or making you uncomfortable — plus, you can play with it!

The simple, bright look would probably be welcome just about anywhere.

For more information, you can message Kassai with your inquiry.

Gergõ Kassai, via Inhabitat

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