DIY dad monitors his baby's breathing with Wiimote and lasers

With the Wii U around the corner, we didn't think anyone was still modding Wii Remotes. New dad Gjoci keeps that Wii Remote hacking dream alive with a mod that incorporates the controller's infrared camera, a microcontroller and three lasers to triangulate his newborn's movements. Talk about being over protective!

Before you start calling Gjoci the worst father ever for pointing lasers at his baby, know that the lasers are only a single milliwatt strong, and that newborns barely move besides. No loving father would put his baby in harm's way. Not even a dad shooting lasers all over the place.

The cobbled-together device works by having a program query an IR camera every few milliseconds to see if the lights are moving. If the baby is breathing and moving, the LED lights on the microcontroller should illuminate. If, god forbid, the baby stops breathing, the lights will let Gjoci know something's wrong and an alarm will beep.

Newly christened dads can build their own baby motion detector by following Gjoci's instructions on his website.

The big question now is, what kind of baby monitor mod can Gjoci do with a Kinect?

BabaBreath, via Hack A Day, via Technabob

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